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Warning: Santa exists!

Maybe you've read the article of the impossibility of the existence of Santa Claus. We'll Santa is very real and very dangerous! He just WANTS us to think that he is a fake story told to all the children of the world. The impossible timing, the huge land route, it is all part of his evil scheme to kill the world!

First of all, do you want some strange guy in a red suit with this huge beard walking around YOUR house when you are asleep. First of all, this man MUST be a psychopath; why would anyone who is in his, or shall I say it's, right mind dress up in this rediculous suit and fly all over town, forcing these beautiful and exotic reindeer into slavery, also being greedy as not even letting the rest of the world know of his existance. With over a billion kids in the world, we know that he can't make all those toys in a mere 364 days. Here is the real deal. Santa visits the first house and steals all the toys in the house. He then leaves and places the toys at the next house, of course stealing everything else. He continues this process until 3:00 in the morning, and whether he visists every house or not, he just goes home. He don't hear of the kids who didn't get presents or where robbed because Santa has these little munchkin elves who act as assasins and they go out and kill all the little kids who might have told anyone else. The red coat- has been dipped in over a thousand little kids blood, such a rich red color eh? I should say so. Then he goes back to his North Pole techonological house, effectively hiding from satelites and his base of opperations has not yet been discovered. I have it on good belief that Santa is on good terms with the CIA and Saddam Hussien, who provide him with tanks and chemical weapons. He is building a supply ready to take over the world and force us all into becoming elves and serving his evil deeds for the rest of our lives.

Bestaat de Kerstman echt?