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Wat Clinton werkelijk wilde zeggen

Monica Lewinsky's diary

November 6,
Dear diary... last night I slept with Bill Clinton. Wow, it was so amazing! Now I understand why people call him as the most powerfull man in the world. Next week I have a date with Fidel Castro. Wish me luck..!
November 14,
Dear diary, he's so charming and gentle. His beard touched me everywhere. He touched me with the way I have never been touched before. He calls that a revolutionary way. Now I understand why Cuban cigar is so famous in the world. t satisfies me too. I want a date with Michael Jackson five days from now. I want a dream about him now!
November 20,
Dear was really a wonderful night!. No wonder he named his famous album "Thriller".! He's so beat. Diary, I have a plan to conquer Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. It must be next month.
December 12,
Damn him, diary! Now I understand why he named his company 'Microsoft'...!

Wat Clinton werkelijk wilde zeggen, Onze Microsoft